Shamed For Red Pill

By Coach Greg Adams

The thing as a man when you choose to get off the plantation and start doing things that are only going to benefit you and help you gravitate toward things that interest you. Society and women in general will try to shame you back to a lifestyle where you are only doing things that benefit either them or society. Aka you need to get married. You need to be dating. You need to be doing more then just your hobbies and being content with your situation in life. All that typical bullshit. Watch the video and take notes brethren. Besides the typical bullshit playbook black women tend to use, this is the playbook in general for what women of any race will use toward you if you refuse to be a slave to the system. Unplug your mind and the way you have been taught to be a man and start being what a man was always supposed to be. Take control of your destiny and not what women or society thinks it should be.