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    Exclamation Welcome To BlackMenVent HQ!

    Welcome to the BMV HQ!

    This is a place free from women, SJW's and racists. Here gentleman, you are free to discuss anything without people trying to hassle or alienate you. Every man is welcome!
    We do have rules we have to lay out so we are all on the same page.

    BMVHQ Rules:

    • NO WOMEN - This is a place for men only, if you are found to be a woman, your account will be banned.
    • No Simps - That pandering crap will get you bopped with the ban hammer with the quickness
    • No Social Justice Warriors - you come in here with that bullshit you will be immediately banned
    • No Bigotry - No racial epithets. We've already established that if men in this country are to progress, we need to show a united front. We'll never be able to do that if you hold on to that hate. Its ok to be proud of your heritage; you don’t have to put down another race to do that.
    • No Bullying - Do not insult/disrespect other members. This is a place where we educate and empower each other. The fact that a man found this place and elected to join is an achievement in itself, let’s show the new soldiers love and respect.
    • No Porn - DUH...A forum has been created to celebrate pics of beautiful women. The only nudes that may be posted are pics of naked women in the act of taking accountability.
    • NO SPAM - You may inform the board of current projects, but you will be warned if it becomes excessive.
    • Signatures - Must be of decent size, if your sig is too big, you will be warned
    • NO Violent or Illegal activity - will be tolerated or discussed
    • Pay your dues or you will be silenced until you do. This community supports itself, everyone must chip in.
    • NO REFUNDS- If you violate the rules of this forum you will be banned, and forfeit your subscription for the month
    • Introduce Yourself -Tell us where you are from, a little about yourself, and how you got here

    Hopefully we can use this place to rally, and push forward this movement. Thank You for Your Support!


    Pics Have to be hosted outside because server space is limited.
    "" Works well

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    hi, i am from Canada, 39 years old. Living the mgtow lifestyle. If you need info on bitcoin or crypto i am your dude.

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    .......I'm so glad we are finally back!!!!! Yes sir.
    A father, a husband, a musician, a gamer, a cook, a film goer.

    Rock On Brethren!

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